Lots of Updates!

photoIt’s been awhile since I posted! Nym has gone to live with my grandma so I have the whole loft to myself again. I do get to visit her though! Grandma’s pup Marley went over the rainbow bridge right around santa clause time.. πŸ™ Mom was very sad so Nym went to keep her company and ended up staying. πŸ™‚ betting tutorials

I’m also out of jail! Dad says my “crate training” is complete. I don’t know what that means but I do know that as long as I don’t mess with the bunnies (they scare me anyway with all that thumping!) and I don’t eat the couch (again) then I can stay out all day and not be in the crate! I like this!

I get to watch all the people (and doggies) walk by and the people who work across the street say hi when they come and go! πŸ™‚

I also got a new bed which I am trying very hard not to eat and there is one in the bedroom too! πŸ™‚

That is all for now but spring is coming and summer so I’m sure we will have a lot of fun!


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20131210-161715Hmm.. I see the dumb dumb hacked my blog again. πŸ™ Oh well I’m so excited!

I went outside today and the whole world was covered in ice! I LOVE ICE. I LOVE TO EAT ICE ALL DAY. Nym and I got to go on the rooftop and play while dad froze. It was amazing! We chased each other and ate a lot of ice and pooped on the ice, and made yellow snow and everything! Dad said we were crazy but I don’t know what that means. We haven’t gotten to go to the dogpark lately because dad says it’s “nasty” out there and I don’t know what that means either but oh well! The roof is a good second choice and there is a slide we can slide down in the ice. It’s soooo fun! Nym is much faster than me on the ice. She has these weird feet that spread out and look like duck feet. Weird full breed. She might be faster but when I tackle her, she is no match for me! heehehe!

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Nymeria Reigns Supreme!

indexI have managed to slip onto the internet while Ghost is… Preoccupied. To be honest the fool is absorbed with a rope toy I gave him. Hopefully he manages to tie himself up with it. The food here is good. Dad is excellent. He lets me snuggle on the couch while he watches TV. I have been going through Ghost’s entries here. He sounds like a rabid head case. I cannot understand a dog who has little or no grammar skills. Absurd. And to think he is half German. The homeland would not be proud.

The fool as I call him, is always getting us in some sort of trouble. Dad has cameras in the loft and checks on us. Obviously these are in place due to Ghost. He thinks it’s fun to eat couches, Tylenol and anything else that will fit in his gaping maw. The fool even eats rabbit poop and hay! I personally prefer the excellent dog food dad gets us and the occasional treat.

While that moron is chasing his tail all day, I take in the ever changing sights outside our enormous bay windows. People walk by all day, sometimes with other canines in tow. It is quite amusing to make these midget Pomeranians jump out of their fur when I bark at them. Amusing indeed.

So as I was saying earlier… OMG Squirel outside.. OMG SHINEY THINGS MUST LICK THEM. LICK LICK LICK…




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Winter is Coming……

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 11.14.06 AMHehe I thought the title was funny. Dad watches the moving picture thing on the wall and there is some human on TV that always says “Winter is coming”.. I don’t get it. Whatever. Nymeria and I are enjoying the cooler weather. We now have full run of the loft during the day and most times at night. Except on the weekend nights.. Because… We ate a bottle of Tylenol at night and dad thinks we only get crazy on weekend nights… Somehow he always knows when we are being silly.

Dad went on vacation a little bit ago and I got to spend 15 days at camp! It was SOOO much fun. I slept for two days after I came home! Nymeria went to play with Seth and Stacy so I missed her and we had many snuggles when we came home.

Dad got some kind thing that chases us around the loft while he is at work. He says it helps keep the “flor?” klean? I don’t know what that means but it likes to run around and make these funny noises when it bumps into things. One time it bumped into Nym and she jumped way up n the air and started barking at it. It sort of beep-barked back at her.

Nym is doing really good and has gained weight. She really wants to write an entry here but dad only allows us a little bit of computer time and she types sooooo slow and says really weird stuff. She started trying to write an entry, I put it below so you can see.

I am plotting secretly to lock Ghost in the closet by the rabbits so I can eat all his food. He is only half German and so not nearly as smart as I am. I like rabbits. They are fun. Shiney! Oooh what was that, so shiny, must lick it. Lick Lick Lick

See what I mean? Weird-O!



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I have a Seeester!

GhostNymDad told me I couldn’t post this until we were absolutely sure but says I can now! I have a sister! πŸ™‚ Dad agreed to help a friend by taking a stray German Shepherd that they had found but couldn’t keep. He said he would foster her and find her a new home but decided to keep her. He said “yay more mouths to feed!” he sounded excited about more mouths to feed! He’s silly sometimes. I think Nymeria, that’s her name, “Nym” for short had a hard life. She was really scared when she first came home two weeks ago but she is getting better. She isn’t scared of dad anymore and she plays with me now a lot more. She still lets me know when she’s had enough with a deep growl but she never bites me unless it’s play biting. We have been to the dog park several times and every time we go she plays with other dogs a little more. She is very smart. She knowns where her crate is and goes in when asked. She also knowns her name already.

She DID steal my spot on the couch though but most of the time we share it and we both (sort of) fit in dads bed. When we need more room we just kick dad out. πŸ™‚ She likes the bunnies a little more than she should but she leaves them alone for the most part. Maybe Nym will make a post here soon! πŸ™‚

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20130806-135231.jpgIt’s SO hot. Dad takes me running with him now. He does a nice steady pace but I try to go fast and get tired fast. I need to learn how to pace myself! It has been awhile since I’ve posted. Dad is leaving my crate unlocked now and so I get to roam around the loft and lay in the window. We live in a street level loft so there are a lot of things to watch and people to show off for. I am quite pretty you know. I go visit the bunnies but I stay away from the couch. I don’t go to the dog park as much because I go running with dad and it really wears me out.Β When we come home I sprawl out on the concrete floors because it’s cool. I do go on the weekends though which is fun.

I am about full grown now and I’ve stopped eating so much as I used to. I still get the same amount I just fill up faster. Dad says this is because I’m no longer a puppy. I don’t know what that means, I thought we were all puppies. Anyway!

Dad tells me that there is a surprise this week. He won’t tell me what it is though!

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Spring is here!

20130426-100238.jpgIt’s been such a busy winter! I’ve been playing a lot at day camp while dad works and it makes me so sleepy! I’ve gotten into just a little trouble, mostly in the morning by chewing up dads backpacking gear and socks. I love socks, especially dads running socks, so tasty. I also met Thumper face to face by accident. Dad saw me and let me meet him. Thumper is this thing dad calls a “bunneh”. He runs around and thumps! He smells like other things I’ve seen outdoors, I see other doggie friends chase them but for some reason I don’t want to. I’d rather eat their poop and put my cold nose on them which makes them do something called a “binkie”. Napa is another “bunneh” that lives with dad and I, she is HUGE and she isn’t afraid of me. She just walks up to me, rolls her eyes and wanders off. I have also been in training this winter and became a service dog! I got a new collar you see in the picture and only wear it while training. Some people have said bad things about the collar but it doesn’t hurt me like they tell dad it will. What they don’t know is dad put it on himself and pulled as hard as he could. He said it’s just annoying but not painful. I have two layers of thick skin and fur whih dad doesn’t have so it doesn’t hurt or even annoy me really, it just lets me know to stop because a car is coming, or other bad things that CAN hurt me. Well that is all for now!

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I’m 1 year old today!!!

ghost_leeI turned one today! I got lots of presents! I weigh 80 lbs now and as much as 85 if I eat too much. Dad says I’m still a big baby. πŸ˜› I get to sleep on the bed and dad got me my own comforter because of something called “shed”. I don’t know what that means but whatever, it’s fun to take up half a queen size bed and push dad off. πŸ™‚ I’ve been playing at White Rock Dog Park a lot on Sundays with my friend Luke. He is crazy but if I want to get away I just run and jump into the lake and he won’t follow me. hehe. Β It’s very cold right now, I cannot wait for Spring! Oh, by the way, that is me in the picture when dad found me. Still my favorite picture!

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Happy Holidays!

21642_4651728206647_259345775_nHappy Holidays to all my friends! I know it’s been awhile since I posted but I’ve been very busy… Chewing up dad’s leather couch… and other things.. πŸ™‚ I’m doing very well and at my grandmommy’s house for the holidays with her dog Marley and my human sister’s dog Blue. More soon!

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I have a girlfriend :)

I have a girlfriend. πŸ™‚ Her name is Bella and she is a Vizsla. She is soooooo cute and FAST. I cannot keep up with her but I sure like chasing her. πŸ™‚ We see each other at Day Camp, at the dog park and sometimes we get to go to human dinner with our parents after the dog park. πŸ™‚

I spent eight days with my crazy MinPin friends while dad was In Mex-e-Co? He was doing something in the ocean there. I hope I can swim in the ocean some day. I like to bite water, I wonder what ocean water tastes like! While dad was away Β I was a little bad at the house I was staying at.. I live in a loft which is concrete and I’ve never really seen carpet before so.. I thought you know, it was like dirt.. I tried to dig a hole in it… It’s not like dirt at all. πŸ™

I’m getting bigger, I weigh 66 lbs now. Dad weighed me yesterday when we went to the store and he got me a new BIG bed. It’s so cozy!

That’s all for now!

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